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Favourite Brunch and Coffee Spots

My absolute favourite thing to do is go for out for coffee or brunch at a cute little cafe. I love to explore all the different cafes and coffee stops near me with my friends and family or just by myself. Sitting down, having a catch up and eating some delicious food is such a good way to spend quality time (well that's what I think). Even if I'm on my own I can get some much needed work done on my laptop or just sit and take in my surroundings.

Here I have complied some of my favourite places, the perfect places to go for a wee coffee or brunch and of course it's always a great photo opportunity! I am a sucker for cute presentation and I literally take photos of everything I eat, whoops.... But I honestly could not care. It makes me happy and as I've said a million times on this blog, that is all that really matters.  

Little Things Cafe 
instagram - littlethingscafe

This cafe has the cosiest setting. I visited here on my own and just sat with my laptop and got some work done, it was lovely. Here I had the Soup of the day which was Red pepper and Tomato which came with a side of granary bread and butter, I also tried the Mango blast smoothie which was amazing! This was a nice alternative as I often go for a coffee if I'm out but this was a great refresh and can only imagine this would be lovely in summer! There brunch menu also looked amazing which included various versions of Avocado toast which I MUST go back and try!
The cafe also sells these amazing cupcakes by @bakedbylisa. They had so many amazing and unique combinations. I took home with me the Vegan oreo and Lotus biscoff cupcakes which I loved! I also thought this was a really good idea they had the option to take away the cupcakes in these cute containers! Definitely worth checking out this cafe for their cupcakes!!

Flame Tree Cafe 
instagram - @theflametreecafe

This cafe has always been my favourite place since I was a young. Going with my friends for one of there signature Rainbow Bagels was a usual date for us. Of course, one of the reasons was to get take cute photos of our food (well for me it was anyway....) Even though I love taking a good Instagram whilst I'm here, the food is always super tasty too! Here pictured is the Rainbow Bagel with a side of cream cheese with a Berry Smoothie and the Chicken pesto mayo salad plate with a Blue Latte which are both my favourites! This cafe serves everything from coffee and a cake to a Rainbow bagel BLT. With plenty vegan and gluten free options also available. So if your looking for a cute cafe for lunch and a chat then I would highly recommend taking a trip, I promise you won't be disappointed! Plus who doesn't love a trip to a aesthetically pleasing cafe? 

The West House 
instagram @thewesthouse

This restaurant in town is always a go to off mine for a lunch or breakfast date. There breakfast menu has something to offer for everyone including sweet waffles, omelettes and poached eggs in toast in many variations! Here pictured I have the Nutella and banana waffles and pancakes, which is just the perfect sweet breakfast treat! Me and my friends always like to meet up here for a good catch up. They also do a lunch deal where you can have a sandwich or 1/2 pizza with either soup or potato wedges - which is just the perfect lunch to have with friends and also does not break the bank. The dishes served here also are always perfectly presented and again I always have to take a photo of my meal!! The west house also has a great night time atmosphere as it transitions from the quaint restaurant to this classy bar. They have different events and DJ's attending on the weekends and I would highly recommend a visit for a drink or two should you be in the area. 
Pacamara Food & Drink 
instagram @pacamaradundee

Pacamara is known for its amazing breakfast options. Here pictured is the brioche french toast with added bacon, this is my go to order every time along with a Chai Latte and it never fails to impress! They also serve a range of cooked breakfasts that are fully customisable so you can pick exactly what you want including avocado and black pudding. Also with your breakfast you receive a complimentary glass of fresh orange which I think is a lovely addition. Its a real treat coming here and not one I do all the time, but is always an great experience when I do. Pacamara also offers a main food menu which myself I have never tried before but hope to go for a lunch date very soon and I do not think it will disappoint. 

Thankyou so much if you took the time to read, it means so much!

I hope you found so inspiration to take time out your week to meet up with friends or treat yourself!

Lifelikealyx :)


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